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We are a team of dedicated individuals committed to delivering service excellence regardless of the size of your organisation or your location.  Being a service oriented business we offer complete end to end managed services and cloud based solutions.

We can proudly state that we do stand out from the “cloud”!

Acentria IT’s ground breaking pricing model reduces costs for its clients, period!

Our unique business model has allowed our clients to save up to 50% on their existing managed service and cloud based contracts without compromising quality of service.

So how do we keep our prices low?  We keep things really simple.  Our overheads, costs and administration charges are kept to a minimum.  No shareholders to please and we fully own our infrastructure.  We employ all of our technical support staff directly rather than outsourcing to third parties.  Our management team are hands on and finally we feel many of our competitors offer solutions that are just simply overpriced!

Focus on what matters

Leveraging your technology to rapidly grow your business and improve your opportunities is a key focus at Acentria IT.

Your best interests

Partnering with global vendors to ensure you receive the best end-to-end solutions.

Customers first

Making life easy for each customer is a philosophy shared by all our staff.  Every employee at Acentria IT puts the needs of our customers first.

Dedicated Account Managers

Your business, your challenges, and your success factors – every organisation is different and so is our approach.  Acentria IT will assign a dedicated account team to manage your organisational requirements.

Why Acentria IT?

Acentria IT brings you affordable, best of breed, collaboration, technologies and solutions.

Agile, Efficient and Secure!

87% of companies in technology, media and telecommunications misunderstand and miscalculate cyber threats.  Acentria IT can help your organisation with Cyber Threat Management (CTM)

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