Cloud Services

Our cloud services differ from the competition in that where most cloud providers primarily focus on functionality when offering solutions, at Acentria we ensure security concerns are addressed as a core delivery component of our cloud and managed solutions.

Platform as a Service

Our PaaS solutions are a ‘build once, deploy many’ application management platform enabling the cost effective, agile and speedy provision of applications for organisations in both the private and public sector.

At the core of this service is the ECO services VDC ‘container’ which comprises of security and management services that ‘water and feed’ the applications environment. Additional applications can be added to the environment without the need to build a new set of management services for each application server.

This ‘build once, deploy many’ architecture enables an agile and cost-effective approach to provisioning applications for private and public sector organisations

This service is available as a single or shared (between disparate organisations) multi-tenancy PaaS.

Infrastructure as a Service

Acentria’s investment in designing infrastructure solutions for the business environment combined with our core business structure in security means enterprises can now truly operate from the cloud reassured that exposure to security risks are identified and managed.

Acentria provides an IaaS platform delivering compute, storage and network connectivity from our UK data centres aligned to CESG accredited Business impact levels 1,2 & 3, including SOC and NOC capabilities.

Software as a Service

Our SaaS solutions include traditional office based software suites as well as bespoke offerings covering standard business processes all wrapped in a scalable, agile and secure framework.


Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground? – Please contact our sales team to talk through the suitability of the cloud for your organisation or if you require any further information on our services.

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