Acentria IT SecureWorks can help your organisation against Cyber Threats

No matter the size of your organisation, advanced cyber-attacks, such as Advanced Persistent Threats, represent a credible threat and risk to your organisation.  Whether a cybercriminal, disgruntled activist, competitor or nation-state actor, Senior Information Risk Officers (SIROs) must address the risk these adversaries pose to their organisation.

Across industries, organisations increasingly rely on cyberspace to drive efficiencies, innovation and business growth.  With cyber-attacks on the rise, it is critical that they secure their operations in cyberspace.  The traditional approach to IT security, which focuses on the technical aspects, is only one part of the solution for businesses to protect their assets including reputation, IP, employees and customers.

The commitment of people to protecting an organisation is an essential part of a strong cyber defence.  Acentria IT can help your organisation to create a security culture based on trust, not surveillance, to strengthen your cyber security and protect your competitive position.

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