Catfish Hybrid Mail is a secure and easy-to-use service for all your correspondence. It delivers full control and saves both time and money when sending digital and paper documents to your customers

Many organisations print, post and email hundreds of unstructured documents to customers every day.  In addition to costing businesses through lost productivity, it can result in a lack of control, a chaotic corporate identity and at worst, inaccurate and outdated communications.

Our Hybrid Mail software gives organisations a centralised on-line store where they can access approved and up-to-date corporate documents.  Employees can select their correspondence from the library, edit and then dispatch via post or email.

For printed documents, whether individual or bulk mailings, the file is sent automatically to a designated service provider to print, fold, insert and post.

It is typically 50 per cent cheaper to use a Hybrid Mail service than print and mail a single page letter on colour headed paper (Source: Xerox)

The service is designed to meet the unique information assurance needs of UK public sector organisations, and is suitable for all data classified at OFFICIAL (IL0-IL2 Legacy).  For Official Sensitive, please discuss your requirements with our sales team.

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