Acentria IT’s DRaaS combines the best of replication, cloud, and virtualisation technologies in a cost-efficient cloud environment, keeping your business data and applications safe and secure.

A concern at the back of every IT manager’s mind is how resilient the business will be in the event of a major disruption.  You’ve taken many precautions: backups are stored offsite, you’ve installed redundant networks, UPS systems and backup generators.  You’ve taken all the precautions you can, but there’s still that nagging doubt that you’ve not done enough, even though you know the chances of a major outage occurring are very rare.

A practical solution is to entrust your critical IT business functions to Acentria IT as we have solved the problems of redundant networks, guaranteed power and cooling and resilient systems: all so you can be confident that you will receive continuity of service in the event of a disaster.

We offer a range of disaster recovery options to support your Business Continuity Plan, ensuring your business will increase its recovery capabilities dramatically.  This means you can make the right decisions quickly, cut downtime and minimise financial losses.

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