Acentria IT Secure ``Official & Official Sensitive`` email services

Email and Collaboration as a Service provides a range of productivity tools including email, calendaring and tasks that help an organisation’s end users to work in a secure, efficient and effective way.  It is accessible through a range of popular applications and mobile devices, and includes ‘briefcase’ functionality that provides a secure solution for managing and sharing documents and information with colleagues.

The Acentria service reduces the cost of deploying and managing enterprise email systems.  It is billed on the basis of the resources used or reserved during a period of time (one month minimum), based on metrics including number of mailboxes, mailbox size (mailbox and archive) and bandwidth.

The service is designed to meet the unique information assurance needs of UK public sector organisations, and is suitable for all data classified at OFFICIAL, including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE, under the Government Security Classification Policy (GSCP), and for legacy IL0–IL4 solutions.  Public sector organisations can therefore benefit from a secure, purpose-built, on-demand email and collaboration platform that meets their stringent requirements, on a true utility (pay-for-what-you-use) consumption model.


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