Remove the risk from your Transition & Transformation programme

To transition your IT service delivery, whether directly from your internal IT organisation or from another service provider, is a critical effort with potentially significant impact on your operations and business.  To manage the risks, Acentria IT takes a stringent, unwavering approach to transitions, executing them in a non-disruptive and responsive manner, always geared to managing any issues that might arise.

Depending on your specific objectives, Acentria IT can also carry out transformation initiatives to help ensure your IT Services meet your business requirements.  Sometimes, these initiatives can be carried out in conjunction with the transition to achieve your objectives sooner or they can follow the successful completion of transition.  Regardless of the scope, Acentria IT will develop and assure detailed plans and costs to deliver the agreed solution.

The execution of a transition and transformation plan is supported by Acentria IT’s methodologies and processes, drawing on extensive experience and focusing on areas such as:

There are risks associated with every transition. But through our risk management approach, we aim to ensure all risks are identified and mitigation plans are put in place. Risk analyses and containment plans address all aspects of a project, and include elements such as scheduling, financial and quality impact.

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