Your business demands agility, remove the shackles of physical data centres

High-demand workloads and explosive global data growth are forcing IT environments to get larger and more complex, pushing the scalability limits of aging systems and platforms.  At the same time, client-side applications and growth in end-user data demands are pushing many of today’s technology architectures to their limits of performance, availability and capacity.

Today’s new data centres rely on virtualised infrastructure, enterprise storage platforms and private cloud solutions to keep pace with performance demands.  Each model provides a variety of benefits that require careful consideration and planning to meet your specific business needs and virtualisation requirements.

Acentria IT can help you chart a course with the latest virtual data centre technologies to manage the explosive growth in data for businesses of all sizes. Acentria IT can architect the right solution by combining best-in-class hardware, software and services to assess, design, deploy and move your organisation to the latest virtualisation and data centre solutions.

With these solutions, Acentria IT provides the necessary foundation to meet the highest demands of your application workloads while giving you the flexibility to grow as your business grows.  We apply a proven approach that combines hardware, software and services to create virtualised infrastructures and enterprise solutions that deliver a standardised, converged infrastructure able to accelerate private cloud adoption in your organisation.

Acentria IT Virtual DataCentre (VDC) can be deployed your virtual data centre as a private, hybrid, or public cloud, and no matter what your choice, we can provide an elastic, scalable, on-demand cloud server, storage, and network solution.

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